5 Strongest Heroes In SOULS

SOULS is an adventure game in a world broken by darkness where you control over 60 different heroes, each with their skills and personalities. Then you use these heroes to fight enemies strategically on a tiled map. As you play, you uncover the story and find hidden surprises, however, your goal is to save the world and become a hero yourself.

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Who Are The Strongest Heroes In SOULS?

1. Benzel

Benzel is one of the strongest heroes In SOULS, playing the role of a Dealer. As an Intelligence type hero, Benzel is brilliant in dealing damage and applying strategic debuffs to enemies. Benzel’s active skill unleashes powerful Area of Effect (AoE) damage, followed by an Acid debuff.

This Acid debuff is powerful as it can remove all types of shields from enemies. In addition to his active skill, Benzel boasts several passive skills that also enhance his effectiveness in battle.

He benefits from increased Critical Defense, amplification of Normal Attack Damage, and a heightened resistance to Damage Over Time (DoT) effects. Besides, he enjoys a major boost to his maximum Health (+15%), ensuring his resilience on the battlefield.

Enemies unfortunate enough to find themselves in an Acid state against Benzel suffer even more, as they incur additional damage from his attacks and take reduced damage from their own. Also, Benzel’s Energy reserves are quickly replenished at the start of each battle.

2. Sander

Sander is one of the heroes you should be using In the game.He’s ranked in Tier 0 to 1 overall, with a primary role as a Dealer and an Agility type. His active skill deals heavy damage to a single enemy while also slowing them down and boosting the speed of nearby allies for two turns.

Sander’s passive skills Improve his attack power, cleanse debuffs from himself and adjacent allies at the end of each round, and grant him a brief period of transparency and energy gain just before facing defeat.

His awaken skill greatly increases his penetration, allowing him to deal extra damage based on the amount ignored through penetration. Sander is a powerful attacker who can deal damage, support his allies, and endure tough situations with his unique abilities.

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3. Carmen

Carmen’s combination of poison-inflicting abilities, attack boosts, healing, and survivability makes her a formidable force on the battlefield in SOULS. He plays the role of a Damage Dealer and belongs to the Intelligence type.

Carmen’s active skill is to spread poison to all enemies, causing damage over time. And, enemies hit by her poison cannot be revived, making her attacks impactful. Her passive skills also enhance her effectiveness in battle.

Carmen’s attack increases by 30% against poisoned enemies, giving her an edge in combat. Additionally, she gains a buff at the start of every third round, boosting her attack by 25% for two turns and providing a defensive boost.

Also, she heals herself at the beginning of each round, gaining 6% of her maximum health for every enemy affected by her poison. Carmen’s awaken skill adds to her survivability.

Just before facing defeat, she gains a protection equal to 55% of her maximum health, allowing her to endure for two turns. This guard also grants her an energy boost that helps her to continue fighting.

4. Solina

Solina is also one of the most powerful heroes In SOULS that you should be using. She’s a healer and she possesses a keen intelligence, which aids her in supporting her allies effectively. Solina’s active skill helps her to heal two allies with low health by a significant amount while also granting them a protective shield.

Additionally, she removes any harmful debuffs from these allies. Her passive abilities also Improve her supportive role. She boosts the speed of all allies, allowing them to act fast in combat. Her increased dodge rate also makes it harder for enemies to hit her or her allies.

Besides, when Solina’s health drops below a critical threshold, she can heal herself. One of Solina’s best traits is her ability to gain energy whenever an ally’s health falls below half. This allows her to utilize her skills more frequently, providing continuous support to her team.

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5. Taros

Taros is a tough tank character and is all about soaking up damage and protecting the team. His active skill hits two enemies hard and lowers their attack. Passively, he’s resistant to physical attacks and can dodge them more often.

When his health drops below half, he takes less damage, and if it falls even lower, he heals himself a bit. Plus, when he goes down, he shields a teammate from damage. At the start of each round, he buffs up two allies with low health, making them tougher to hurt.

And when he’s awakened, if he gets knocked out, he comes back strong at the end of the round with most of his health and full energy. Taros is the go-to guy for taking hits and keeping the team safe.

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