Asura Clans: Best Clan In Asura

This guide will rank the best clan In Asura to boost your gameplay. Asura is a PvP Roblox game where players compete against each other to advance. The goal is to train your character to become the strongest in the game or at least on your server.

You can explore the city and use various abilities to defeat your opponents. However, the ultimate challenge awaits in the boxing ring, where you can engage in intense battles.

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Who Is The Best Clan In Asura?

  • Kure
  • Senko

1. Kure

The Kure Clan is one of the best clans in Asura for several reasons. With a +10% boost in durability and strength, they possess an edge in combat situations.

Their unique ability to change eye color, from the default pristine white to any desired hue, offers players a leading advantage in personalizing their characters.

This features fierce gameplay by allowing members to express individuality and style within the game. Also, the Kure Clan’s mode of removal, further adds to their skills which makes them formidable opponents.

Overall, the combination of enhanced stats, customizable eye color, and unique mode made the Kure Clan one of the top choices for players looking for power and customization in Asura.

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2. Senko

The Senko Clan is also one of the top clans In Asura. With their unique eye characteristics, they’re recognized for their striking blue eyes.

Unlike other clans, Senko members can’t change their eye color, but they can still achieve glowing eyes. This fixed blue color is a defining trait that shows their lineage and abilities.

In terms of stats, Senko Clan members get a boost of +10% in both speed and strength. Plus, they possess a special mode called “Godspeed.” This combination of attributes makes them formidable in the game.

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Other Uncommon Clans In Asura

FurionSpeed: +5%
BakufuStrength: +5%
RaiyakuStriking Speed: +5%
FumetsuDurability: +5%
GanizMuscle: +2.5%

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