Best Boxing Games For Xbox One

The sport of Boxing has been practiced for many years and is well-liked all around the world. Due to the variety of combatants available, the boxing game genre is huge.

The Romans changed Boxing by adding leather hand coverings and more brutal rules. The Ancient Greeks thought Boxing was a game practiced by the gods atop Mount Olympus.

Nowadays, Boxing is a lot more sporting and less brutal. The Marquess of Queensberry, who improved many of the more gory features of the sport and transformed it into the gentlemanly activity that people know it as today, is the inspiration for Queensberry Rules, which govern the majority of boxing matches.

Like many sports, Boxing has a strong presence in showbiz and the video game industry, with well-known publishers and up-and-coming developers contributing their knowledge to the sport’s virtual representations.

These are the video games that genuinely embody the Xbox One brand. We are here to assist you if you want to get your hands on some Xbox One fighting games that are specifically outstanding.

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Top Boxing Games For Xbox One

The following are 8 recommended boxing games for Xbox One:

1. E.A. Sports U.F.C. 3

Boxing is one of the disciplines represented in E.A.’s official U.F.C. game. Still, it’s not the only one, given that U.F.C. is a mixed martial arts organization.

Therefore, this game isn’t, technically speaking, a boxing game. As the name suggests, E.A. Sports U.F.C. 3 is the third installment in the franchise.

It features Conor McGregor, a fighter who is beloved by fans. Players may fully immerse themselves in U.F.C. culture thanks to a new “G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time) career option.

The game’s combat engine has been completely redesigned to give players the most accurate simulation of current M.M.A. fighting.

Furthermore, you can choose between 234 athletes across ten weight classes in E.A. Sports U.F.C. 3, so you won’t ever have to worry about your favorite not being included.

This is not a boxing game on its own, but it is still a fantastic sports game and one of the few boxing games available for the Xbox One.

2. Fight Night Champion

Suppose you exclude earlier games in the E.A. Sports U.F.C. series. In that case, the Xbox One’s native library of boxing games has already nearly reached its limit.

Okay, so this one is an Xbox 360 game. Fortunately, Fight Night Champion still holds up quite well today, so boxing enthusiasts should see it again.

Fight Night Champion’s gameplay strongly emphasizes the sport’s more brutal and violent elements, and its much-touted “Full Spectrum Punch Control” feature lets players launch blows with the right stick.

Each match in Fight Night Champion offers a cathartic and realistic boxing experience since this system is just as simple to use and enjoyable as it is in E.A.’s Skate series.

As if that weren’t enough, the story mode is shockingly deep and well-written, complete with characters and storyline arcs. Even if it is getting on in age, give it a shot. You won’t be let down.

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3. Punch Club

On the simulation front, we got Punch Club, a management simulation from tinyBuild, and Lazy Bear. Players take control of an anonymous boxer whose father was murdered when he was a child, much like Daredevil.

The punch club promises to keep working out and improve as a boxer while also looking for the person responsible for his father’s slaying.

Punch Club’s cartoonish aesthetics and oblique pop culture references will disappoint players hoping for a highly accurate representation of the boxing world.

Still, those willing to play around with the zanier aspects of the game will find a surprisingly deep and intricate management sim. In addition to training, you must attend to your boxer’s hunger, fatigue, and boredom.

Your stats determine how well you fight in the ring and what fighting style and talents you can employ. It is a risky decision but a good one.

4. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Oh, please don’t look at us that way. We’re counting Super Street Fighter IV because it features a boxing-fighting character (Dudley, even though you’re a raging stereotype). In addition, it’s a fantastic game.

For boxing enthusiasts, it’s a perfect place to start if you’ve never played a game in this brand. The finest Street Fighter game you can play on your Xbox One is Super Street Fighter IV, while Street Fighter V is somewhat underwhelming.

The technical one-on-one fighting gameplay you know and love (or, if you’re new to the series, that you’ll grow to know and love) is all the Arcade Edition does: refine the characters and add a few new EX moves. One of the numerous benefits of playing this vibrant, explosive, and meticulously made combat game is Dudley the boxer.

5. Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1

Want to go back to the beginning where it all started? The ancestor of every game we’ve listed can be found in Atari’s Flashback Classics Volume 1 collection. We should give credit to retro games for inspiring modern ones.

RealSports Boxing may appear old-fashioned today, but it was a true powerhouse in 1987 when it was initially published, boasting (then) realistic graphics and (then) complex gameplay. Look no further than RealSports Boxing to find out where Fight Night and Ready 2 Rumble learned their trade.

In addition, you receive a sizable library of additional Atari classics, such as Centipede, Pong, Combat, and many others. Even though RealSports Boxing is getting on in years, it may still make for a memorable evening, especially if you invite a friend over to experience its nostalgic charms.

6. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

You can pick one of up to twenty boxing avatars to step into the ring on your behalf. Each player has developed a distinctive backstory, and they all have distinctive combat techniques.

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7. Real Boxing

One Xbox One boxing game that’s simple to pick up and play but has enough depth to have you coming back for more is Real Boxing.

One button is used to control your fighter’s movements, while another is used to deliver punches in this straightforward game. It doesn’t suffer because it isn’t as complex as other fighting games available.

Wins yield money that may be used to buy new moves and accessories. The gameplay is done online against other players or computer-controlled opponents.

Real Boxing also has a career mode where users progress through various weight divisions before vying for championship titles.

The fights may be exciting, mainly owing to how wonderfully they are rendered and how responsive each character feels when handled by the player. The story itself is nothing exceptional (you’re just some man from Brooklyn who wants to win boxing titles).

8. WWE 2K22

If you are really into Boxing, you might enjoy this other professional wrestling sports simulation video game. One of the newest boxing games for Xbox One, this is the 22nd installment in the WWE games series.

Rey Mysterio is the game’s cover star. As a player, you’ll be able to experience the pinnacle moments of this legendary wrestler’s WWE career.


These games are a lot of fun and let you play as your preferred boxer. If you enjoy Boxing, these games are worth trying out, even though some are better.

These were all the most well-liked and top boxing games ever made for the Xbox One. You will like playing the game regardless of which you want to play.

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