The Best Characters You can Use in Brown Dust 2

This guide ranks the best characters In Brown Dust 2 that players can start playing to strengthen their gameplay. These characters are ranked based on rarity and performance In the game modes. They are arguably the most powerful In the game with each belonging to the S-Tier list.

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Who Are The Best Characters In Brown Dust 2?

  • Samay
  • Arines
  • Justia
  • Andrew
  • Kry

1. Samay


Samay is one of the best characters In Brown Dust 2. She’s rated 4 stars for her easy development and versatile buffs, making her highly effective in the current meta. Samay performs exceptionally well in Evil Castle (A), holding her ground firmly.

In Mirror Wars (B), she maintains a decent performance, although not as strong as in Evil Castle. In Fiend Hunt (C), she’s still useful but not as impressive as in the other modes

2. Arines


Arines is also one of the top characters In Brown Dust 2. She brings a powerful buff to the table, boosting the attack and essential rate of the entire team for an extended duration.

This makes her invaluable in both PvE and PvP scenarios, fitting into any team composition. Despite being a 3-star rarity character, Arines proves herself as a force to be reckoned with, due to her versatility and impact on battles.

Her performance across different game modes underscores her effectiveness. In Evil Castle, Mirror Wars, and Fiend Hunt, Arines consistently impresses, earning top marks with S-tier ratings.

This reflects her reliability and strength which makes her a reliable choice for players seeking consistent performance. Arines’ ability to enhance the overall damage output of the team also makes her a plug-and-play option.

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3. Justia


One of the most powerful characters you can play In Brown Dust 2 is Justia. She’s known as the best true damage attacker in the game currently. You’ll receive her early on, making her convenient to build up. Justia comes with plenty of costumes.

She’s considered one of the best earlier carries in the game while remaining useful even in later stages. However, in PvP battles, she lacks some bursts without crits.

Justia holds a rarity of 5 stars and she’s brilliant in Evil Castle and Mirror Wars, earning an S rank in both. In Fiend Hunt, she performs slightly lower with an A rank.

4. Andrew


Andrew is considered one of the best characters due to his high rarity, rated at 4 stars. However, despite his rarity, he is ranked low because his effectiveness heavily relies on luck.

Andrew’s abilities depend heavily on random number generation (RNG) to activate which makes it difficult to rely on him consistently for enjoyment in the game. His performance in different game modes reflects this, with ratings of C in Evil Castle, Mirror Wars, and Fiend Hunt.

These modes assess a character’s utility and effectiveness, and Andrew’s reliance on chance affects his overall performance. While his rarity may initially seem promising, his reliance on RNG detracts from his reliability and consistent enjoyment for players.

Therefore, despite being a 4-star character, Andrew’s ranking is lower due to the unpredictability of his abilities which impacts his overall effectiveness in Brown Dust 2.

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5. Kry


With a rare 4-star rarity, Kry brings a game-changing kit to the table. Their ability to significantly decrease defense puts physical attackers in your team on overdrive, making them incredibly potent. Additionally, Kry’s kit includes a push-back effect.

In terms of usefulness across different game modes, Kry is brilliant almost everywhere. They perform exceptionally well in Evil Castle, earning an S rank, and also prove their worth in Mirror Wars with an A rank. While their performance in Fiend Hunt isn’t as outstanding, it still holds steady with a C rank.

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