Best Family In Attack On Titan Evolution

This guide ranks the best family In Attack On Titan Evolution, so you do not have to spin on and on anymore to select the right one.

Attack on Titan: Evolution is a Roblox fighting game featuring blocky versions of the Titans from the anime. Players engage in battles, using special buffs and perks unique to each family to enhance their character’s stats and abilities.

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What Is The Best Family In Attack On Titan Evolution

  • Ackerman
  • Reiss
  • Yeager
  • Arlert
  • Braun

1. Ackerman

The best family in Attack on Titan Evolution is the Ackerman family. They’re in the Mythic category and are one of the best family due to their fast attack speed. With a 1.2x speed and damage multiplier, you can take down enemies more efficiently.

Plus, when your health drops to 35%, you receive a significant 50% boost to all stats for several minutes. This boost can be essential for turning the tide of battle and overcoming tough challenges.

2. Reiss

The Reiss family Is also ne of the top family In the game for controlling fights with Titans. As a Mythic family, they offer a special advantage: Titans won’t start attacks against you, and there’s a chance they won’t retaliate even if you strike them first.

This ability gives a significant tactical edge, allowing players to engage Titans individually and take them down efficiently, provided they have the strength to defeat them in one blow. It’s a satisfying experience to eliminate Titans without the constant threat of being attacked.

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3. Yeager

the Yeager family is also a great choice, especially for beginner and daring players. This Mythic family offers a unique advantage: two revives upon death, which can save the day. Also, their ability to destroy all nearby Titans is a plus to their strength.

4. Arlert

The Arlert family can be a better choice for players aiming for an early advantage. As an Epic family, Arlert offers a valuable 10% experience bonus at the start of the game. This bonus helps accelerate leveling, which can be particularly beneficial in the initial stages of gameplay.

Besides, Arlert possesses a unique ability to revive once upon death, providing a second chance for survival in critical moments.

While the experience bonus loses significance as the game progresses, the revival feature remains a useful asset throughout different stages of play.

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5. Braun

The Braun family in Attack on Titan: Evolution is considered one of the best family In the game. Being an Epic family, it doubles the health pool of its members. This increased durability helps you stay alive longer as you progress and aim for stronger families.

The Braun family offers survivability which makes it a solid option for players looking to endure tough battles and advance further in the game.

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