Best Family In Avatar Rogue Benders and Tier List

This guide ranks the best family In Avatar: Rogue Benders based on their stats and effectiveness. I have done my part spinning for the best families In the game using the free spins I claimed after redeeming Avatar: Rogue Benders gift codes.

You do not have to spend your precious spins anymore to have these families as you will find in this Avatar: Rogue Benders family tier list.

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Avatar: Rogue Benders Family Tier List

S TierGyatso15%Not specified
A TierHama15%Splits blood bending requirements
Yakoda15%Buffs Stamina/Chi gain
B TierTarrlok10%Allows blood bending anytime, anywhere
Iroh10%Not specified
Sozin5%Learn lightning strikes from Ozai
Ozai7.5%Learn lightning strikes from Ozai
Azulon5%Not specified
Beifong5%Splits lava bending requirements
Roku5%Not specified
C TierVaan2.5%Not specified

Who Is The Best Family In Avarta: Rogue Benders?

  • Sozin
  • Tarrlok

1. Sozin

The best family in Avatar: Rogue Benders is Sozin. Sozin stands out because it boosts your max chi and improves meditation. But its biggest advantage is access to the Lightning Strike bending technique.

Lightning Strike is a fast and powerful attack that surprises opponents with its damage. However, getting the Sozin family is challenging; it’s rare, with only a 5% chance to obtain it. You may need to spend some Robux to get it.

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2. Tarrlok

Tarrllok is the best family in Avarta: Rogue Benders for waterbenders. It offers the same blood-bending ability as Yakone, which lets you bend blood at any time, not just during full moons.

This is useful for different situations. Also, Tarrlok provides a slight advantage over Yakone regarding how often you gain wisdom points for keys.

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