Cat Piece Trello Link and Guide

Cat Piece is a Roblox RPG game inspired by the renowned anime and manga One Piece. When players join the game for the first time, they start at level 1 with zero skill stats. The game’s main purpose is to bash up foes and level up!

Experience provides players with skill points, the more you accumulate, the stronger you will be! You may also acquire in-game cash to buy a ship and visit exotic islands while accomplishing numerous objectives and killing fearsome Cat Thugs.

Cat Piece provides a new perspective on the One Piece universe, providing players with cat abilities in Roblox! Become a rebellious pirate that sails to obtain cat fruit and train to become the strongest of all time while exploring the globe with all its mysteries!

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Trello Link

Trello, the game, was built to operate as a wiki for all the players who seek additional knowledge. Trello boards will have all the information concerning the game accessible. Developers will also update them from time to time.

The Trello board for Cat Piece is a collaborative board that allows the development team to exchange information about the game’s progress with the gaming community.

Normally, game updates, bug fixes, promo coupons, and development progress are being released on Trello. Some developers also take recommendations, ideas, and feedback from the community utilizing the Trello board.

Access the Cat Piece Trello board and its contents quickly by going through the link below. Trello boards may be browsed without an account, allowing you to enjoy its content without any login limitations. There are many specific channels where gamers discuss various facets of the game like the Cat Piece Discord community.

About the game

Published by “7Quest Studio“, you can explore undiscovered places, find mysteries, and train to become the greatest player in the Cat Piece game.

You’ll also experience furious battles, make new friends, and play some fantastic One Piece-style gameplay with cat characters.

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Cat Piece is a One-Piece-themed Roblox game where you may fight Cat Thugs and accomplish objectives to level up. Explore several islands to acquire new things and treasure, so try to collect Devil Fruits that will provide you with exceptional skills.

You may face other players in PvP fights, so try to construct the strongest character possible and climb on those leaderboards!

Every ten minutes, Fruit appears randomly over the map. You may often discover it in surprising spots, so explore the islands. You may also get additional Fruit by spinning the Gacha Wheel in the spawn location and completing the Dungeons.

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