Cookie Run Kingdom Cookie Alliance Team Guide

Every season, Cookies has to contend with a Cookie Alliance campaign broken up into several more challenging chapters. Every chapter has a predetermined sequence of enemy waves that follow one another.

Each group of four waves has a Shadow Hex, which can be either an opponent buff or a special debuff that affects the player’s Cookies (such as lowering DEF, disabling HP Shields, or extending all Cooldowns). Additionally, each set of four waves is weak to a certain element.

Every fourth wave has a boss, such as the Red Velvet Dragon, a World Exploration Boss, or an enhanced Cookie. After a lengthy wait, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s first update of the year is finally available. This update is crammed with brand-new activities and features in honor of the game’s first anniversary.

With Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest update, players can now engage in the War Under Shattered Skies by deploying numerous Cookie teams in the new game mode dubbed Cookie Alliance. Cookie Alliance is a seasonal limited-time game, much like the Super Mayhem mode.

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Best Teams To Use in Cookie Run

1. Vampire-Black Pearl Comp

Vampire-Black Pearl is a great option for players who want to take an offensive approach. The team uses Vampire Cookies, Black Pearl Cookies, Purple Yam Cookies, Financier Cookies, and one BTS Cookie.

The following are each person’s abilities and roles in this Cookie Run: Team Kingdom:

  • Vampire: By placing the Cookie in the back, it will be able to use its vampire ability to transform into a bot and attack enemies.
  • Black Pearl: After positioning the Cookie in the middle, the storm summoned by Duskgloom’s Sovereign ability will harm enemies for a predetermined period.
  • Purple Yam: The Cookie will appear in front and be able to perform both Berserker’s Fury and its Purple Tornado ability.
  • Financier. The front will be where the Cookie is to cause harm to the adversary.

2. Triple Ambush

The Tri Ambush team uses three frontline cookies with ambush skills. They have the following abilities and roles in the Cookie Run: Team Kingdom.

  • Financier Cookie: The Cookie will occupy the front and act as a defensive unit, deflecting enemy bullets to shield ambush units.
  • Black Pearl Cookie: The Cookie will center itself within the formation and employ its Dusky Gloom Sovereign ability.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie: Players can utilize a solid almond topping as a topper for the Sorbet Cookie, which will deal havoc to the foes when partnered with the Black Pearl Cookie.

3. Mono Tank

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Mono Tank squad ranks third among the most incredible teams. The team uses a combination of Financier Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, and any of the BTS Cookies. These are their abilities and team roles:

  • Financier. If the adversary attacks the front line, it will be a defense unit.
  • Sherbet: In Cookie Run: Kingdom, it will be positioned in the center, where it can best utilize its range of powers.
  • Frost Queen: It will center itself and employ its enchantments. Skill of Freezing Squall
  • Black Peart: Using its Duskgloom Sovereign ability, the Cookie will be positioned in the middle of the formation.

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4. The Summoning Team

Another excellent option that players have to defeat opponents is the Summoner Team. The team comprises cotton cookies, pure vanilla cookies, Frost Queen cookies, snow sugar cookies, and pumpkin cookies. They have the following abilities and roles in the Cookie Run: Team Kingdom.

  • Snow Sugar: From the center position, the Cookie will use its Blizzard skill to call it a snow king, which will cause a snowfall.
  • Pumpkin: Because of Pompon, she can call upon it to assist her in combat. Assistance ability
  • Frost Queen: The Frost Queen cookie’s Freezing Squall ability can significantly alter the course of a fight.
  • Pure Vanilla: Pure Vanilla will help the squad by restoring the allies’ HP with her Love and Peace skill.
  • Cotton: Another support cookie that will assist its comrades is the Cotton Cookie.

5. Double Charge Team

In the Cookie Runc Kingdom game, the Double Charger Team is one of the best. It includes any BTS cookie, Financier cookies, Dark Cacao cookies, Sherbet cookies, and Werewolf cookies.

The following are the abilities of the several cookies that make up the Double Charger Team: Financier Cookie has the exclusive right to lead the unit and shield other soldiers from assaults.

  • Dark Cacao Cookie: Using its Solemn Judgment, it will launch a frontal assault that will rain thunder and lightning down on any enemies in his line of sight.
  • Sherbet Cookie: Sherbet will take on a support role and use Fros Shards to summon 15 frost shards to continue hitting the opposition.
  • Werewolf Cookie: This crucial team member is charge-based and uses Transformation and Lone Hunter well.

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How the Fights Are Conducted

There are four waves of enemies in each of the chapters that make up a Cookie Alliance campaign. To complete the task, players must assemble five teams of five Cookies each for 25 different Cookies.

Players can manually switch between the teams during battles; however, there is a cooldown period between each switch. Battles are exclusively performed in auto mode.

When a team is defeated, the next team chosen will start battling immediately. In the middle of a battle, players can also end the campaign and decide to either start over from the same wave or restart it. When all five teams are eliminated, the campaign is over.

Special debuffs and bonuses, including “Decreased Healing Received” and “Increased Max HP,” will be applied during each campaign.

Additionally, unique shadow effects could appear, strengthening the opposition and making them more difficult to take down.

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How the Beacon of Valor Operates

In the Cookie Alliance game, the Beacon of Valor bestows two different types of boosts. Coins are required to turn on the Beacon and activate one of the two bonuses.

Regardless of the season, the Beacon flames will burn for the chosen seven or twenty-eight days. Once the flames go out and stop providing the buff effects, the Beacon can be lit with coins.

For the course of the campaign, Cookies in the Cookie Alliance are momentarily upgraded to level 60 by Effect 1 of the buff. The number of Cookies that are upgraded to level 60 outside of Cookie Alliance mode determines how long Cookies are in Blast Mode, which is the second effect of the boost.

Points are awarded according to how far along you are in a wave, how many foes you’ve defeated, and how long you’ve played.

The bigger the prizes, the earlier and deeper you get into the campaign. After the campaign, players will have the option to select from two reward chests.

One new addition to the Guild content, these boxes will have a relic that you can contribute to your Guild Museum. To obtain both relics, players may also decide to use an Alliance Ticket to access the other chest. Finally, the player’s individual and guild ranking tiers determine the season awards that can be obtained.

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About the Game

This brand-new, free-to-play game from the makers of Cookie Run: OvenBreak has the same charming cookie animals you’ve come to know and love.

These lovely and sweet cookies are playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, where they must construct, gather resources, and fight evil to save a world ravaged by Cake Monsters!

The mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom was created by Devsisters Corporation. The game may be found on the Google Play Store and App Store right now. It was launched on April 28, 2021. The game may be played for free and features in-app purchases.

The game takes place in a fantastical realm where candies and cookies come to life. Assuming the role of a cookie, players embark on a journey to build their cookie kingdom, gather materials, and explore the realm. The game appeals to both children and adults with its vibrant graphics and lively soundtrack.

The controls of the game are easy to use and make it incredibly kid-friendly. To move through stages and jump, players only need to tap the screen. Players can also use several upgrades and power-ups in the game to aid them in navigating the stages.

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