Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend Codes 

In the engrossing universe of Demigod Idle,  you take on the role of a powerful demigod with both heavenly and demonic abilities.

As part of an ambitious mission to rule the heavens, Archangel Michael and Archdemon Lucifer cause you to lose these exceptional powers at the start of your trip. Now, your every action is motivated by revenge.

The game combines action, strategy, and rewards to provide an unmatched idle role-playing experience. Watch your character develop quickly while playing idle games, where the might of the gods helps you advance and bestows bountiful rewards.

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Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend free codes

  • HADESSMS—Redeem for x10k Ruby and x10 Awakening Dungeon Key (New)
  • GRANDOPEN009 —Redeem for 15k Ruby and x30k Option Conversion Stone (New)
  • MAGICALGIRL—Redeem for x30k Ruby and x10 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • 12DEMIGOD—Redeem for x30k Ruby and x10 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • DEMIGOD12000—Redeem for x20k Ruby and x10 Equipment Dungeon Key
  • DEMIGODTOP1—Redeem for x30k Ruby, x10k Option Conversion Stone, x3 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • CONGRATS500K—Redeem for x30k Ruby, x10k Option Conversion Stone, x5 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • NEWDEMIGOD—Redeem for x20k Ruby
  • DISCORD4000—Redeem for x10k Ruby and x5 Awakening Dungeon Keys
  • Welcome2DemiGod—Redeem for 10k Ruby, x30 Elemental Summon Ticket, and x10 Option Conversion Stone

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How To Redeem These Codes?

  • Open Demigod Idle on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, tap the Menu button.
  • Press and hold the Settings icon.
  • The Super Rewards tab will appear when you tap Save to Server.
  • In the text field that reads, “Please enter the code!” copy and paste our Demigod Isle codes.
  • Press on the Confirm code icon.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, tap the Mail button.
  • To get all your free prizes, tap the Receive All button at the bottom right of the screen.

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How using the codes enhances your gaming experience

You can obtain a lot of resources for free in the game, even if there is a store where you can spend money. Codes are required for gear and skill upgrades.

See Idle Heroes codes for more rewards if you’re looking for more idle action. Using Demigod Idle Codes, you can obtain free in-game resources like Rubies, Awakening Dungeon Keys, Elemental Summon Tickets (skills), and other goodies.

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About the Game

The amazing 2.5D visuals in “Demigod Idle” make the game stand out. They produce brilliant, exhilarating, action-packed scenes. Experience the impacts that recall the actual nature of powers akin to gods.

With a heavenly sword, you can rule the battlefield and use a dark sword to take down strong bosses, having twice as much exciting fun.

Turning on and releasing the force of rebirth are important turning points on your path. When you fill the combat gauge, you can become a demigod, and you can regain full reborn powers by going through a seven-stage awakening procedure.

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