Guardian Tales Tier List

This post provides a list of the most powerful heroes in Guardian tales. And you will learn about their abilities and the best way to use them to level up your adventure. That said, here are the most powerful heroes In Guardian Tales:

  • Future Princess
  • God of Harvest Kamael
  • Little Android AA72
  • Nine-Tailed Fox Garam
  • Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio
  • Robbers’ Killer Lina
  • Summer Innkeeper Loraine

Let’s learn about their strengths.

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Future Princess

Future Princess is a real game-changer and one of the most powerful heroes in Guardian Tales. She’s not your average royal as she’s got some extraordinary tricks. A hero with dual personalities, and with her staff, she can shoot at enemies from afar, perfect for situations where you want to keep your distance.

However, she can also switch gears instantly, equipping both a staff and a shield for up-close brawls. When things get sticky, the Future Princess can step up. She’ll grab the enemies’ attention, giving your team some breathing room. Plus, she boosts your group defense by a solid 30% for 5 seconds, which is like putting on extra armor.

God Of Harvest Kamael

Here’s a hero on your Guardian Tales team who not only dishes out damage but also keeps your squad alive. God of Harvest Kamael doesn’t just hit enemies; they absorb their life force to deal damage. It’s a one-two punch, where your enemy feels the pain, and you get stronger with each hit.

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However, on the last hit of the Circle of Life, they shoot out a powerful orb that doesn’t just hurt enemies; it heals your entire team’s HP.

Plus, it also weakens the enemy’s ranged defense by a whopping 20% for 3 seconds. They suck the life out of enemies, heal your squad when it counts most, and make sure your foes are vulnerable to ranged attacks. Having them on your side could be the secret weapon you need in Guardian Tales.

Little Android AA72

Little Android AA72 shoots a water gun to inflict pain on their enemies. They can start by launching a water rocket that deals more damage. And they can do this up to three times. When things get wild, Little Android AA72 pulls out the big guns and fireworks.

They release a barrage of fireworks at enemies, causing 3005 DPS damage. Also, on top of all this water and fire chaos, when their water gun or water rocket hits, they can boost their own defenses or attack power, stacking these buffs up to two times.

Nine-Tailed Fox Garam

Garam uses two weapons: a bow and a basket. With the bow, they can hit enemies while boosting their attack power by 20%. Garam’s main attack is shooting spirit arrows that deal 475% of DPS damage, and these arrows hit hard and fast, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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However, when equipped with a basket, their normal attacks double as healing spells. They can restore their party members’ HP, ensuring your team stays in fighting shape.

Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio

This 3 is one of the strongest heroes In Guardian Tales, and the difference between this trio is their individuality. Each panda has its way of attacking, and Danny and Panda’s attacks seem weak. However, by surpassing a certain number of target hits, you can free the ultimate move: All for One. It’s a panda-powered combo attack that packs a punch.

When the Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio boards their Party Crasher, things take a wild turn. Their attack form changes and they become a force to be reckoned with. But beware, while their power overflows, they also become more vulnerable, taking 25% more damage.

Robbers’ Killer Lina

Lina uses a range of spells to bring the heat to her adversaries. She can shoot a Fireball, which is like launching a concentrated ball of flame at enemies.

However, when that Fireball hits, her attack power increases by a fiery 25% for 4 seconds.She can also free an attack that creates a massive explosion, dealing 350% of DPS damage to anything unlucky enough to be caught in the blast radius.

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Summer Innkeeper Loraine

Loraine gets a unique arsenal to the battleground, using Heavenhold androids that rain down damage on her enemies. With the ability to create a shield that absorbs 10% of the damage inflicted by her android deployment. She also increases the damage dealt to enemies by 10% while decreasing the damage taken by 10% during battles.

While the shield is active, Loraine’s team gets a bigger boost, with damage dealt to enemies increasing by 20%, and damage taken reduced by 20%.

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