Hero Wars Best Heroes (Useful Guide)

Players can battle evil forces in Hero Wars by upgrading and collecting heroes. But not all heroes are made equal; some have greater use than others. Hero Wars tests your skills as you face off against various monsters and enemies. Although your characters start at level 1, they can graduate to the “Epic” level to reach their full potential as you progress.

However, some heroes are more powerful than others, so you’ll need to exercise prudence when creating groups and raising your characters. To help you with that, here is the Hero Wars tier list, which will indicate which characters are superior for PvE and PvP.

In Hero Wars, the role-playing game of dreams, you would become a warrior. Arrange gigantic player-versus-player arena battles against the Archdemon and his evil energy to vanquish your competitors. You can acquire the greatest characters from either Dominion along the way.

Although it’s easy to play, getting the hang of this multiplayer game could take some time. Choose a character to begin with for every squad. Characters can be classified into four categories: support heroes, healers, damage dealers, and shields.

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Best Teams For Tower And Campaign

The Mage-Tank-Support-DPS classic team configuration is the most dependable for both Tower and Campaign. DPS delivers the damage, Supports offer healing and buffs, Tanks give survivability, and Mages manage crowds. This is an excellent squad composition for Campaign and Tower since it allows for speedy level clearance.

Tank-Support-DPS-DPS is an excellent composition for campaign and tower players who want a more balanced team. The two DPS deal the damage. The tanks provide survivability, while the supports offer buffs and healing. This group protects your group while dealing with a lot of sustained damage.

A damage-focused team is a smart choice if you want to get through Campaign and Tower quickly. This team is excellent at swiftly finishing stages and concentrates on dealing with the most damage possible. You can modify the damage-focused squad to suit the advantages and disadvantages of your group.

Regardless of the team configuration you decide on, ensuring each hero has the necessary support and that the team is well-balanced is critical. You can quickly get through Tower and Campaign if your team is put together correctly.

Beat Teams In The Arena

Putting up the greatest Hero Wars team can be challenging, but with the appropriate plan, you can put together a group capable of handling any situation. Tank, Fighter, Healer, and Mage are the primary hero roles to consider while assembling your squad.

To guarantee a well-rounded team, include a minimum of one hero from every role. Additionally, try to select heroes who can cooperate to gain an advantage in combat and have similar powers. Heroes with complementary abilities can use each other’s debuffs and buffs.

Select heroes with skills to strengthen your team, such as healing their HP or boosting their attack damage. You should also choose heroes with skills that can hinder the opposing side, including lessening attack damage or decelerating movement.

To boost their stats and give them an advantage in combat, ensure every hero has the best equipment. Think about a hero’s Arena rating while choosing heroes for your team. In the Arena, heroes with higher ratings are typically more potent.  You can assemble the best squad for the Arena with the correct mix of heroes.

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Hero Wars Heroes Tier List

Since you can have up to five characters in your squad simultaneously, you should collect various characters to ensure you’re covered in battle.

The fighters at the top of the Hero Battles leaderboard are the ones that should be pursued. They are rare and effective fighters, so players can aim for them. Talking about various character types when using them in combat is a good idea.

Having heroes like Ishmael on your team might enhance your team’s chances of scoring crucial hits, which could lead to players winning more battles, even though each delivers benefits that encompass the whole team.

Martha and Astroth are the primary heroes in group S+. They serve as both a support system and a tank. The two most well-known characters in group S are Keira and Lars. Although Category C and Tier D should be avoided at all costs, Level B should be your last option.

Tier S+

The best heroes in the game are those who blend in with most teams and perform exceptionally well across the board.

Tier S+ characters include:

  • Martha
  • Astaroth
  • Jorgen

S Tier

Heroes in this tier are so good in almost every aspect that it is almost unfair to use them. It was most likely a secret adversary intended to be used in something other than regular tournament matchups. One or more individual characters on this level can have affectionate aliases.

The following is the Character list:

  • Astaroth
  • Krista
  • Lars
  • Aurora
  • Celeste
  • Jorgen
  • Amira
  • Iris
  • K’arkh
  • Martha
  • Yasmine

Tier A

The strongest Heroes in the A Tier are still powerful, albeit not as much as those in the S Tier, and not to the point where they should be prohibited.

In situations where S Tier heroes are prohibited, these would be the characters to choose. Even though they can be neutralized, these heroes are frequently more powerful than most other combatants at their level. Here are the characters;

  • Morrigan
  • Corvus
  • Dorian
  • Sebastian M
  • Andvari M
  • Faceless
  • Orion
  • Galahad
  • Jhu
  • Helios FB
  • Luther
  • Cleaver
  • Satori

Tier B

Heroes on the tier B list in Hero Wars gameplay are passable but could be better. Many other superheroes in their class may overpower characters or have defects that keep them from being placed in tier A.

Character names character include:

  • Satori F
  • Helios M
  • Lian
  • Phobos M
  • Rufus
  • Astrid and Lucas
  • Dark Star
  • Artemis
  • DareDevil
  • Ginger
  • Arachne

 Tier C

C-Tier Heroes from the “heart of the street.” They are typically highlighted here because they are too defective to be helpful anywhere else and have an advantage over at least one Tier A or S character.

On the other hand, these offered no discernible advantages over higher levels or disadvantages over the lowered ranks.

  • Chabba
  • Judge
  • Lilith
  • Kai

 Tier D

There might be better choices than these. They might be helpful, but choosing only one is a bad idea. Use them only if you have limited room.

Because of their shock value, their advantage against heroes of a higher level, or the fact that they work best against unanticipated or ill-prepared foes, these characters may find a niche for themselves.

When your opponents become more cunning, and this tactic falls flat, you can advance to a higher level.

Character names:

  • Dante M
  • Mojo
  • Heidi
  • Phobos FB

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Final Words

The kind of squad you assemble depends on which hero you choose. Many different levels and castles in Hero Wars may be conquered. Every step it takes becomes increasingly difficult as it advances. Success requires a strong labor force.

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