How To Destroy Trees In Arcane Odyssey?

Breaking trees In Arcane Odyssey can be a difficult challenge, and It can also take forever. However, you can easily get rid of these obstacles by using:

  • Magic
  • Weapon

Plus, you will learn where you can find them. Let’s find out.

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How You Can Destroy Trees In Arcane Odyssey With Magic Or Weapon?

In Arcane Odyssey, destroying trees is something every adventurer needs to know how to do. You’ve got two main ways to do it: either use your magic or a weapon like a Katana or Broadsword. However, taking a tree down takes a bit more effort than you’d expect. Trees in Arcane Odyssey are stubborn. It’s not going to crumble with just one shot.

So, you need to keep hitting it with your magic until it finally breaks down. Also, if you don’t want to use your magic, you can grab a Katana or Broadsword and get up close to the tree. Start swinging that weapon like you mean it. Just like with magic, it’s not going down without a fight. Keep at it, and soon enough, the tree will start to show signs of surrender.

The important thing to remember is that this whole process takes a bit of time. Those trees aren’t going to bow down easily. That said, breaking down these trees is just part of the adventure in Arcane Odyssey, so have fun.

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Is It Possible To Take Down Trees With A Knife Or Bare Hands?

Attempting to destroy a tree with a knife in Arcane Odyssey is not the most practical idea. While a knife is a great tool, these trees are a bit too resilient for such a modest weapon. It’s like trying to bring down a fortress with a peashooter, the odds are not in your favor.

As for the notion of using bare hands, it’s an interesting thought, but unfortunately, the trees of Arcane Odyssey won’t yield to your human strength alone. These trees are made of sturdier things and require a bit more firepower, magical or otherwise, to be brought down. However, it’s recommended to stick with the methods of magic or weapons.

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Where Can You Find Weapons?

One notable place where you can find weapons is Dawn Island. This vibrant area is known to house Weapon Chests, hidden treasures containing a variety of weapons waiting to be claimed. Just research Dawn Island and you may stumble upon one of these valuable Items. Mango Isle is another location where you can find great weapons.

Walk through Mango Isle, keeping a keen eye out for Weapon Chests placed away in unexpected corners. These chests often hold a selection of weapons that give you options to style your arsenal to your preferred fighting style. However, the more you research, the greater your chances of coming across these weapons.

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