How To Get Rid Of Bounty In Arcane Odyssey Roblox?

Are you looking to destroy those bounties placed on your character? In Arcane Odyssey, if you or any other character has a bounty on your head, there’s a risk of getting arrested. If you happen to get defeated by a Grand Navy member while having a bounty, you’ll end up behind bars, and they’ll reduce your bounty by 0.05% or at least 500 points.

The same goes for when bounty hunters successfully track you down and bring you to justice. And, there are three bounties for everyone from your server. However, In this post, you will learn more about this bounty, and how you can get rid of them. Let’s dive In.

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What Does Bounty Do In Arcane Odyssey?

In Arcane Odyssey, a bounty is a virtual wanted poster slapped on your character. When you engage in less-than-honorable activities, like attacking innocent NPCs, causing chaos in towns, or perhaps sinking a few too many ships, the game takes notice. As you pull up these wrongdoings, your bounty increases.

It is your in-game reputation, but just not the kind you’d want. Without a doubt, your bounty attracts attention, and not for a good reason. Bounty hunters, both NPCs and other players, will be hot on your trail. They’ll come after you, aiming to claim the reward on your head. You will be a wanted outlaw in the Wild West, except with magic and flying ships.

However, having a bounty in Arcane Odyssey turns you into a target. You become the focus of those looking to earn a reward, and life in the game gets a bit more exciting and dangerous. But you can get rid of the bounty on your head.

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How To Get Rid Of Bounty In Arcane Odyssey Roblox?

Buddies, you’ve got two clear options to get rid of the bounty on your character’s head.

Option 1: Combat Logging

Let’s assume that you’re in the heat of battle, spells flying, ships clashing, and suddenly you decide you’ve had enough. Combat logging is a magical escape route. You exit the game while amid combat, and when you return, there will be no more bounty on your head. Sure, you escape the bounty, but it comes at a cost, literally.

As a penalty for this magical disappearing act, you’ll be parting ways with some hard-earned Galleons. It’s a quick fix if you’re in a bind, but it may dent your gem chest a bit.

Option 2: Visiting The Receptionist

If you’re not a fan of the combat log hustle, visiting the receptionists is a traditional way you can use to get rid of your bounty. You can find these lifesavers in White Summit (Assassin Syndicate Base) or Silverhold (Grand Navy Base). Remember these names: John Vasquez at the Syndicate Base or Scott Baldwin at the Grand Navy Base.

Approach them, have a friendly chat, and when given the option, select the golden phrase: Clear my Fame. Of course, nothing comes for free, and in this case, it’s your hard-earned Galleons doing the talking. Pay the toll, and like magic, your bounty is wiped clean. No more bounty hunters on your tail, no more stress.

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With combat logging and receptionist visits, you can easily get rid of bounty In Arcane Odyssey, but It is not free.

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