How To Get Shikai in Type Soul

Type Soul is a mobile game that brings the world of Bleach to your fingertips, allowing players to immerse themselves in the epic battles and characters of the popular anime and manga series.

One of the exciting features of Type Soul is the ability to unlock and use Shikai, the initial form of a Soul Reaper’s Zanpakuto. If you’re eager to unleash the power of Shikai in Type Soul, follow these steps to guide you on your journey.

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How To Get Shikai In Type Soul

Before diving into the process of obtaining Shikai in Type Soul, it’s essential to understand what Shikai is. In the Bleach universe, Shikai is the first release of a Soul Reaper’s Zanpakuto, the iconic spiritual weapon carried by these powerful beings.

Each Zanpakuto has a unique ability or special attack associated with it, and unlocking Shikai grants the player access to these formidable powers.

  • Get hold of a Zanpakuto by following the soul ripper path in the game
  • You have to level up to grade 2
  • You have to meditate 3 separate times, 20 minutes each for a total of 1 hour
  • It will unlock the skill and ability you need to defeat your Shikai in the Shikai quest.

After completing this fight, you will be rewarded with your own Shikai. However, note that you will fail if you choose to wait for an hour for you to try again.

How To Use Shikai In Type Soul

After obtaining your skin, that is after you have followed the simple instructions we provided for you above, all you need to do is to click on the J key, while your sword is drawn. 

By doing this, you will automatically activate your power, which will give you access to more elements in each battle you engage in.

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Shikai That Can Be Found In Type Soul

  • Berserk Shikai
  • Blood Shikai
  • Confusion Shikai
  • Flame Shikai
  • Ice Shikai
  • Ink Shikai
  • Light Shikai
  • Shadow Shikai
  • Water Shikai
  • Wind Shikai

So, pal, this is everything you need to know about the Shikai in the excting game of Type Soul. Now, you get to see the various ways on how to unlock your powers, and how to activate them.

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