Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello: A Comprehensive Guide

Tokyo Saga is a popular Roblox game inspired by the Tokyo Revengers manga. Players engage in gang battles, roleplay as characters from the series, and aim to increase their character’s power and reputation. Activities In the game include improving stats at the gym, completing tasks for cash, and seeking revenge on rivals.

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Types Of Characters Mode In Tokyo Saga

Obtainable Mode 

Impulse TypeLocationRequirements (Strength, Defense, Speed, ¥)Buffs (Strength, Speed, Health Regen)
Dark ImpulseBeside hospital100, 100, 10, 50k+30, +5, +500
Dark Impulse V2Right in front of Mechanic quest250, 300, 12, 100k+70, +8, +500
White ImpulsesIn front of the mall400, 500, 12, 200k+300, +20, +5000
RageSchool roof400, 500, 12, 200k+500, +5, -
Rage V2Public Library1000, 1000, 18, 500k+1000, +10, -
ZombiePublic bathrooms-, 1000, 1000, 18, 500kRegens 20 health per 0.2 second for 30 seconds

Exclusively Mode

AdvanceTokita ClanHidden+150 strength, +20 speed, -0.05 hit speed, +5000 health regen
RemovalKure ClanHidden+350 strength, +15 speed, -0.03 hit speed, +5000 health regen
CryKawata Clan-+250 strength, +20 speed, +5000 health regen
Hanna RageHañna Clan-+600 strength, +10 speed

NPC’s In Tokyo Saga 

Style Reset NPCRight next to the Pizza and Local Gym50,000¥ to reset your style
Homeless ManEverywhereDonating 10¥ may bring future rewards
Bread NPCAll around the map150¥ per bread
Plastic Surgeon NPCInside the hospital7,000¥ to remove scars
Rice NPCNext to the hospital150¥ per rice
Hotel NPCNear West Side store and Chicken Sisters4,000¥ for a hotel room

4 Ways To Progress In Tokyo Saga

1. Stat Progression

In the game, your character’s stats can be improved through training equipment found at the Boxing Gym and Local Gym. Each gym provides equipment to enhance specific stats, that allow players to customize their training regimen based on their desired skill progression.

These gyms offer a range of exercise machines, weights, and other tools designed to accelerate stat growth. Furthermore, players can discover additional equipment dedicated to boosting particular stats within the training equipment category.

These specialized items provide extra opportunities for players to fine-tune their stat development, focusing on areas where they aim to better.

It could be improving strength, agility, endurance, or other attributes, the availability of diverse equipment ensures that players can strategically boost their character’s abilities.

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2. PvP Progression

Engaging in PvP can initially pose challenges, but as one gains experience, mastering combat techniques becomes more manageable. To advance in PvP, players are encouraged to access the in-game library and acquire the PvP Guide.

This guide is a valuable resource, offering insights and strategies to improve combat proficiency. In PvP, players face off against each other in battles where skill, strategy, and quick decision-making are key.

Players may find themselves struggling to guide the complexities of PvP combat, but with time and practice, they can develop their abilities and improve their performance.

3. Job Progression

Players have the opportunity to undertake various jobs or tasks that contribute to their character’s development. If you can consistently perform specific jobs, you can level up your characters’ skills and earn more in-game currency.

This repetitive action not only increases the character’s proficiency in the chosen job but also boosts the amount of money they can earn from it.

In most cases, available jobs or tasks can be found within the quests category of the game. These jobs range from simple tasks like gathering resources to more complex endeavors such as completing missions or challenges.

As players progress through these jobs, they accumulate experience points (XP) or other forms of progression metrics, which contribute to leveling up their characters.

With each level gained, the character’s stats typically improve, making them more capable and efficient in performing their chosen job.

4. Style Progression

Style progression is the process of advancing in various combat styles within a game or training regimen. To progress, players need to boost their statistics or attributes.

Each combat style requires specific stat conditions to be met before you can learn a new skill. Improving one’s stats is important for advancing in different combat styles.

These stats include attributes like strength, agility, stamina, or others, depending on the specific requirements of the style being pursued.

For instance, a martial art form might demand high levels of agility and stamina, while a heavy-hitting style might prioritize strength and endurance.

You must focus on training their stats to meet the requirements set for each style. This involves engaging in activities or exercises to enhance the required attributes.

Strength can be improved through weightlifting or resistance training, while agility can be sharpened through activities like agility drills or speed training.

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Stat Bars In Tokyo Saga

Stat bars are visual representations of three essential aspects: Health (HP), Hunger, and Stamina. Let’s break down each one.

1. Health (HP) bar

Your health is directly tied to your defense stat. The higher your defense stat, the more health, and resilience you possess. However, you can boost your health through specific equipment like Sit Ups, Advanced Sit Ups, and Calisthenics.

2. Hunger bar

Unlike health, your hunger bar remains unaffected by any stats. It stays constant regardless of your character’s attributes. To replenish your hunger, you’ll need to purchase food items from various shops scattered across the Tokyo Saga map.

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3. Stamina bar

This bar is closely linked to your speed stat. The higher your speed stat, the longer you can run and maintain a faster pace. You can Improve your speed with equipment such as Squats and Jump Rope exercises.

With that said, players need to note the maximum stats achievable in Tokyo Saga: Strength maxes out at 1700, Defense at 2800, Speed at 25, and Stamina at 600.

Additionally, a lower Hit Speed value signifies a faster attack speed. Moreover, players can advance their skills in various job levels, including Clothes Sewing, Motor Repair, Baking, and Mechanic.

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