Rush Royale Tier List

This post provides a list of rush royale tiers list that you can use In 2023 to improve your rush royale gaming experience. And the best part is:

It is highly recommended even if you are a beginner. Rush Royale is one game I’m crazy about with its mixed cards and tactics in the tower defense setting.

You get to create a powerful card collection to protect your castle from hordes of nasty creatures, and there are all kinds of cards to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

However, this royale tier list will help you figure out which cards work best, and you’ll be able to make smarter plans and beat your foes easily.

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Let’s get to it.

Rush Royale Tier List – A Card

Now, you probably know that having the right cards can be a game-changer.


This is a pirate on your side who boosts your income.

Clock of Power

Time is on your side with this card as It speeds up your tower attacks, making sure those irritating critters don’t stand a chance.


With his hammer, Minotaur can slam enemies and give your defenses a much-needed punch.


Meteors rain destruction on your enemies.

Knight Statue

If you want to defend your castle in style, this figure can hold the line like a champ.

Blade Dancer

Blade Dancer slices through enemies like a graceful tornado.


Banshee freezes enemies and makes them easy pickings.


This frosty fellow chills your enemies to the bone, slowing them down to a crawl.


Monk heals your towers, keeping them fighting fit.

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The Inquisitor is like your personal investigator, detecting hidden threats and dealing with them.


With his totem, Shaman helps turn your towers into unstoppable forces.


Sentry is your vigilant guard, sniping distant enemies and keeping them at bay.


Rogue stabs enemies in the back when they least expect it.


Witch curses enemies and makes your adventure easier.


The chemist boosts your tower’s abilities

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Rush Royale Tier List – B Card

These cards have their moments too even though they are not closer to the best cards.


If you’re into gadgetry, Engineers are your person. They can help build up your defenses and keep the enemy at bay.


Executioner wields a giant axe with gusto, and they make quick work of foes with low health.


Hex can confuse enemies easily.


With dark powers at their disposal, Occultists can curse and weaken your adversaries.

Demon Hunter

When the demons come knocking, you’ll want Demon Hunter on your side. They’re specialists in taking down those otherworldly rivals.


If you want to call for reinforcements, then you have Summoner.


Mime might seem silent, but their mimicry can be quite powerful, copying enemy abilities and using them for your benefit.


When things get tough, Scrapper is ready for a brawl.

They’ll go toe-to-toe with adversaries and come out on top.


They hit targets from a distance, making sure no one gets too close.

Cold Mage

Cold slows down opponents and gives your towers more time to do their thing.


Thunderer’s lightning strikes are electrifying, killing multiple enemies at once.

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Explosive fun is the name of the game with Bombardier as they bring the boom to your defenses.


When your towers need a little healing love, Priestess steps in to keep them in tip-top shape.


Banner is all about boosting the morale of your troops, ensuring that they fight harder and better. While these B-tier cards might not be the first choice in every situation, they can still be valuable assets when used wis

Rush Royale Tier List – C Card

While these C-tier cards may not be the top dogs in Rush Royale, they can still find their place in certain decks and strategies

Cold Elemental

This elemental might be a bit too chill for its own good. It can slow down enemies, but it’s not the most formidable card out there.


Reaper brings a touch of doom to the battleground, but it can be a bit unpredictable and situational.

Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental can help with crowd control.

Plague Doctor

If you’re looking for some ailment-themed action, Plague Doctor can poison enemies.


Ivy might seem like a natural choice, but it’s best suited for specific strategies involving crowd control.

Portal Keeper

Portal Keeper can call them, but it takes some planning to use them effectively.


Demonologists can summon little imps to fight for you, but they may not always be the most reliable allies.


Bruiser is a tough cookie, but its slow attack speed can be a drawback in fast-paced battles.

Mana Cauldron

If you’re all about that mana, Mana Cauldron can boost your magical resources, but it’s a support card.


Alchemist is all about mixing things up, but its effects can vary, making it a bit unpredictable.


Zealot is not the most well-built card around.


Explosions can be fun, and Pyrotechnic delivers, but it’s not always the most strategic choice.


Crystalmancer is all about crystals, but it might not always fit into your game plan.


Accuracy shooting is a Sharpshooter’s thing, but it’s a niche card that requires specific strategies.

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Rush Royale Tier List – S Card

In Rush Royale, the S-tier cards are your holy grail. These cards are the best, offering strength and versatility in the current meta.


Trapper is the sly fox of the bunch, It sets cunning traps that can snare and decimate enemies with ruthless ability.


Tesla kills numerous foes at once,


Harlequin is a master of illusion, confusing and diverting enemy attention.


Dryad is your go-to card as It heals your towers and makes them stronger.


Gargoyle is ready to strike opponents with strength and a stony heart that never falters.


Robot is the future of defense. It summons automated drones that provide a constant stream of firepower, giving your enemies no peace. These S-tier cards are game-changers, with their abilities, you can develop strategies that will destroy your opponents.

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