Slayer Legend Best Skills

DragonHunt Team is the developer of the free-to-play mobile idle role-playing game Slayer Legend. In the fantastical realm of the game, players must recruit and train heroes to battle dragons and other formidable foes.

One of the most enjoyable role-playing games is Slayer Legend. But because the game has gotten so competitive, it may get chaotic.

With the best Slayer Legend skill build, you can escape the most perplexing maze. Using these builds, you can make the most progress in the game with the least amount of time and effort.

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Top Skills Development

1. Promotion Builds

  • Mithril promotion: Iron will speed sword, curved blade, thunderbolt slash, red lightning, flame wave, and fulgurousRed lightning, flame wave, thunderbolt slash, iron will, speed sword, curved blade, fulgurous
  • Orichalcum promotion: Hellfire slash, giga strike, earth’s will, speed sword, burning sword, iron will, meditation
  • Arcanite promotion: Red lightning, lightning stroke, lightning body, curved blade, burning sword, earth’s will, meditation, rage, speed sword, supersonic

2. Spirit dungeon builds

  • Beginner: Burning sword, curved blade, lightning stroke, red lightning, earth’s will, speed sword
  • Intermediate: Red lightning, lightning stroke, supersonic, burning sword, earth’s will, fire sword, meditation, strong current, curved blade, speed sword
  • End game: Red lightning, lightning stroke, lightning body, curved blade, burning sword, earth’s will, meditation, rage, speed sword, supersonic

3. Stage boss builds

  • Skill build (7 skills): Fulgurous, hellfire slash, giga strike, earth’s will, speed sword, burning sword, iron will (or replace with mana recovery skill)

4. Stage farming builds

  • Skill build (9 skills): Flowing blade, fire sword, supersonic, earth’s will, blizzard or red lightning, thunderbolt slash, meditation, agile movement, fulgurous

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5. Endgame (Stage 200+) builds

  • Raveless (In progress): This build assumes you do not have the skill Rave.
  • Skill build (9 skills): Flame pillar, fire blast, fire sword, blizzard, iron will, burning sword, giga strike, lightning body, curved blade
  • Standard Rave: A standard build that utilizes Rave to make your own unique build.

Beginner Guide

  • Concentrate on finishing the primary quests. This will enable you to access new game features and level up more rapidly.
  • Call forth fresh heroes and provide them with the best training possible. In Slayer Legend, having a formidable group of heroes is crucial for victory.
  • Give your heroes the most excellent equipment you can afford. Equipment has a significant impact on the power of your heroes.
  • Boost the abilities of your heroes. Your heroes may become even more potent with skills.
  • Become a guild member. Access to guild privileges and the opportunity to participate in guild activities are just two of the many advantages that guilds provide.

Slayer Legend Tier List

Tier S (Best Skills)

In this tier, we included the best skills in Slayer Legend. These skills are usually challenging but worth the effort as they have tremendous potential.

  • Rave (Immortal)
  • Mantra (Immortal)
  • Supersonic (Mythic)
  • Wrath of Gods (Mythic)
  • Pillar of Fire (Mythic)
  • Strong Current (Mythic)
  • Demon Hunt (Mythic)

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Tier A (Strong)

In the A tier, we included strong skills but not necessarily the most effective damage output. They can, however, be an excellent addition to your hero’s arsenal.

  • Blizzard (Mythic)
  • Warrior Burn (Mythic)
  • Lightning Body (Mythic)
  • Hellfire Slash (Legendary)
  • Red Lightning (Legendary)
  • Giga Impact (Legendary)
  • Fire Blast (Legendary)
  • Thunderbolt Slash (Legendary)
  • Ice Time (Legendary)
  • Giga Strike (Legendary)

Tier B

These skills can help your hero in different situations. They may not be the best for damage output, but they still have their uses.

Meditation (Legendary)

Rage (Legendary)

Curved Blade (Epic)

Flame Wave (Epic)

Fulgurous (Epic)

Wind Sword (Epic)

Iron Will (Epic)

Life Mana (Epic)

Dancing Waves (Epic)

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Tier C (Average)

This tier consists of average skills without special advantages. These are decent options, depending on your playstyle and team composition. However, do not be fooled by the name of the green ones as they are almost as useless as the Common-grade ones.

  • Flame Slash (Rare)
  • Speed Sword (Rare)
  • Burning Sword (Rare)
  • Earth’s Will (Rare)
  • Flowing Blade (Rare)
  • Water Slash (Rare)
  • Hot Blast (Green)
  • Thunder Slash (Rare)
  • Power Strike (Green)

Tier D (Weak)

Finally, in the D tier, we included the weakest skills in Slayer Legend. These skills are still helpful in the early game, but you should replace them as soon as you get better ones.

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  • Agile (Green)
  • Power Impact (Green)
  • Ice Shower (Green)
  • Fire Slash (Common)
  • Lightning Stroke (Common)
  • Fire Sword (Common)
  • Lightning Slash (Common)
  • Stone Strike (Common)
  • Ice Stone (Common)
  • Ground’s Blessing (Common)
  • Mana’s Blessing (Common)

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