Summoners War Tier List PVE 

This post provides some of the best monsters In Summoners War that are the best for PVE. Summoners War is a fantastic RPG game where you gather different monsters.

As a summoner, your job is to put together a team of these monsters for battles. The game has lots of ways to get monsters, so you can build a big collection.

However, from many monsters, choosing the best can be tough because you can only use a maximum of 6 monsters in each battle.

In no time, check out these strong monsters in Summoners War that completely rule the game right now, specifically when it comes to Players vs. environment ( PvE ).

  • Cadiz
  • Deborah
  • Herteit
  • Kro
  • Sigmarus
  • Tyron
  • Veromos

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Let’s get to it.


This monster attacks twice with a vampire bat, and each hit has a 50-50 shot at getting rid of one of the enemy’s good effects.

Plus, it gets back 30% of the damage it dishes out as HP. It also goes in for another attack that weakens the enemy’s attack power and slows down how fast they can attack.

And, It’s got a 75% chance of making that happen. It can stop the enemy from getting any good effects for a couple of turns, again with a 75% chance.

Then again, it heals all your buddies for 30% of the damage it dishes out and steals a bit of the enemy’s attack power too, about 15% with every hi


When Deborah attacks, there’s a 30% chance it might stun the enemy for a turn. It’s got an 85% chance to make them weaker in two ways: it makes them hit less hard and become easier to hurt.

And if it’s feeling really lucky and shouts ‘GREAT,’ it can make those bad results last even longer, for three turns instead of just two, but that’s a 30% chance.

It also makes it easier for all your buddies to beat up the bad guys by boosting the effects of making the enemies hit softer, take more damage, and attack slower by 25%.

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This monster is a real thief. When he learns stuff during a battle, he becomes more powerful.

He can steal attack and defense from the enemies, and the more he knows (up to 5 stacks), the better he gets. At 5 stacks of ability, he’s so smart that he can steal not only attack and defense but also swipe away all the good things that the enemies have.

Plus, he gets another turn to do more damage or steal more knowledge. He takes away 25% of his attack and defense, which makes him tougher. However, against big enemies, he takes a bit less, just 10% of his base attack and defense.


Kro has some sharp claws, and when they attack, there’s a 50-50 chance they can make the enemy’s defense drop for 2 turns. And, when they use their super move, it’s like a mega claw strike.

This time, again with a 50-50 chance, they not only weaken the enemy’s defense for 2 turns but also cause continuous damage for 3 turns.


Sigmarus can hit an enemy with some mysterious energy, and there’s an 18% chance it might stun the enemy for a turn. And with their extreme chill attack, they’ll hit the enemy so hard that the damage they deal is based on how big and tough the enemy is (their MAX HP).

Plus, when they want to make a splash, they can release an exploding ice volcano that hurts all the enemies based on how tough they are (again, their MAX HP) and makes them weaker by reducing their Attack Power for 2 turns.


One of the best things about this monster is that he can throw a little spirit at the enemy, and if they manage to land a hit, their chance of getting a critical hit in the next turn goes up by 30%.

And their second move, Cyclone is a fancy spin attack where they hit all the enemies twice. Each hit has a 40% chance of making it harder for the enemies to hit them back.

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We call it a Glancing Hit, a clumsy punch that doesn’t do as much damage. So, they have a move that can boost their chances of critical hits after landing a hit themselves, and another move where they spin around to hit all enemies twice and make it tougher for the enemies to hit them back hard.


Veromos is a versatile monster in the game, and where you use him depends on what you need. In the Giants team, he’s really useful because he deals damage, can heal your team, and has other helpful skills.

He’s even better in Giants Abyss because he can dish out a lot of damage. For Dragons, he’s great too, for the same reasons as in Giants.

In Dragons Abyss, he impresses more. But when it comes to the Necro B10, he’s not the best choice because you don’t need his cleansing abilities, and he doesn’t hit multiple times.

In the Spiritual Realm, you can use him until you get better monsters for that stage. And, In the Steel Fortress, he plays a similar role as in GB10 and can be quite handy.

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However, he’s not suggested for the Punisher Crypt. For the Tower of Ascension (ToA), he’s pretty good due to his leadership ability, area-of-effect stun, cleansing, and damage. But he’s not the best choice for PvP battles (RTA) where other monsters might be more effective.

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