The Best Peroxide Guide for Taking Down Voltstandig Boss

Peroxide is not the game for you if you’re searching for one with a comfortable, pleasant learning curve. For those who enjoy a real challenge, this Roblox game with elements of Bleach delivers loads of excitement, with three races to master and high-speed combat. Prepare for the adventure by grabbing your katana!

For those who chose Quincy Road in Peroxide, Voltstandig represents the height of power. This class is imprisoned behind one of the game’s most difficult boss fights, while extremely busted. It’s reasonable to assume that gamers shouldn’t be trying this unless they are at an extremely high level.

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How to get Voltstandig in Roblox Peroxide

Once players obtain their Shrift, they can obtain Voltstandig in Peroxide. Players must reach level 90 and earn 420 Voltstandig experience points to unlock Vollstandig. Players must finish the following tasks to receive these points:

  • Open a Time Gate to earn 75 points.
  • Beat a Time Bubble Boss to earn one point for every % of the boss’s HP that is taken.
  • You will win 10 points for each Storm Arrancar that is defeated in the Storm Bubble, where the player dealt the majority of the damage.
  • Taking something while there is an invasion (5 points)
  • Killing guards in the course of an invasion (12 pts)
  • killing an invader’s leader (22 pts)

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After completing these tasks, players can start the boss battle with the Ancient Automaton, which awards Vollstandig. Still, wait to begin the boss fight until you have gained a few more levels.

It is perfectly OK to grind to level 120 or above before taking on this boss because it is an extremely challenging fight. Furthermore, using a ranged kit in this encounter is recommended because taking on the Ancient Automaton close to home is a surefire way to lose.

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About the game

As its cheeky name suggests, Peroxide is a Roblox game that parodies the popular anime Bleach. It puts users in the shoes of Bleach hero Ichigo Kurosaki, allowing them to explore a combat-focused role-playing game that attempts to bring the supernatural action of the manga and anime to Roblox. Users can also choose to play as a ghostly spirit-eating Hollow.

The Popular Roblox game Peroxide was influenced by the popular anime series Bleach. With its expansive environment to explore and intricate fighting system, the action role-playing game allows you to relive the intense, epic battles you would have witnessed in the anime.

Similar to Type Soul, which also draws inspiration from Bleach, players have the option to play as a Hollow or follow in Ichigo Kurosaki’s footsteps by becoming Soul Reapers.

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