Type Soul Codes

A Roblox game called Type Soul is based on the well-known anime series Bleach. If you’re excited about the most recent Bleach arc, the experience debuted before the resumption of the anime Thousand Year Blood War. The anime’s main character, Ichigo Kurosaki’s hometown, is Karakura Town, where the game starts.

You’re in the right place if you need some Type Soul codes to obtain an in-game boost. Our comprehensive resource has all the codes you need to pick up some piercing weapons and get started, whether you want to be a soul reaper or a hollow. You only need to choose your allegiances.

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Type Soul Codes

  • newcodeoldbugged – free rewards
  • mainmenufixes – free rewards
  • tradehub – free rewards
  • soonupdates – free rewards
  • championship – free rewards
  • happyhalloween – free rewards
  • newclanwargame – free rewards
  • championshipandmasteryboxes – free rewards
  • newclangamesoon – free rewards
  • watermelon – free rerolls
  • sorryforthat – free rerolls
  • midtermsover – free rerolls
  • contentcoming – free rerolls
  • haveagoodday – free rerolls
  • slowpace  – free rerolls
  • thehonoredone  – free rerolls
  • triplethreat  – free rerolls
  • apologyforlate – free rerolls
  • middayfixes – free rerolls
  • 100kfavourites – free rerolls
  • segundanextupdate – free rerolls
  • fixedoldcode – free rerolls
  • latenightupdate – free rerolls
  • eumorningupdate – free rerolls
  • updatecomingsoon – two weapon rerolls
  • 3shikaireroll – free rewards
  • shikaireroll – free rewards
  • 80Klikes – blue pill and rerolls
  • newgame – soul ticket
  • shutdownsrry – element reroll
  • tyforfollows – reroll
  • 55klikes – weapon reroll
  • 35klikes – weapon reroll

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About The Game

You’ll start as a human, but in a short while, you’ll pass away and become a lost soul. It’s a remarkable way for an RPG to begin. But after that, you have a choice of three races.

Everybody has distinct abilities, resources, and destinations. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have to battle the other two. So, you’ll wish to associate with the top team. For a challenging game, players can choose from Quincy, Hollow, or the most well-liked option, a Soul Reaper.

Players can learn more about the various aspects of Soul Society and acquire strong talents like Shikai by participating in quests, missions, and PvP battles. These scripts enable you to acquire some piercing equipment and begin your career as a hollow or a soul reaper, as you choose. All you need to do is declare your allegiance.

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How To  Redeem The Codes

  • Launch the game
  • Once you’re in the game, watch for the button row in the top left.
  • Select the button on the far left that has the gift box icon.
  • This will display a textbox and code screen
  • Enter the textbox with a code, then press the Enter key.

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Using these codes, you can use outside game elements that aren’t present in the primary game in the Type Soul Roblox game. You will also gain player ESP, a movement ability, and an auto-attack.

Additionally, if your character’s health drops or they sustain critical damage from other players or non-player characters, you can automatically send them to a safe location.

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