Untitled Attack On Titan Tier List

Untitled Attack on Titan, a Roblox game developed by Headless and Mid, is based on the highly regarded anime Attack on Titan. In this game, you must protect the village from being devoured by titans as you venture into the world of giants. Roblox games are fun, and most of them make headlines with an attack on Titan: evolution, for example, right now.

Roblox games are fun, and most of them make headlines with an attack on Titan: evolution, for example, right now. To find out the most recent Attack on Titan Evolution Tier List  Best Families updates, continue reading. To protect your village in Roblox’s Untitled Attack on Titan, you must engage in combat with man-eating titans.

Various weapons will be at your disposal to defeat the adversaries. In Untitled Attack On Titan, beat them all to become the ultimate titan slayer. This guide has provided information about the Attack on Titan Evolution Tier List. By reading on, discover which gear sets are excellent and which should be avoided at all costs.

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Untitled Attack On Titan Tier List

Uncertain about the best equipment to use in Untitled Attack on Titan? Well, the general rarity of each piece of equipment determines a lot of its strengths and disadvantages. The gear works better in combat, the rarer it is!

S Level

The most superior and uncommon equipment in Untitled Attack on Titan!

  • Perfect Gear
  • Savage Demise Gear
  • Dragon Breath Gear
  • Gold Hunter

A Tier

Even while it’s not as rare as the S-tier gear sets, getting your hands on one still requires some luck! Though weaker than S-tier gear, these are excellent gear sets for your character.

  • Thunder Spear Gear
  • Godly Gear
  • Pumpkin (unobtainable)

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 B Tier

Average gear sets that could be more effective in combat. All one could say about them is “fine.”

  • Medic Gear
  • Candy (unobtainable)
  • Christmas Gear (unobtainable)
  • Grinch (unobtainable)
  • Ice Gear (unobtainable)

C Tier

You need something else in your inventory to outfit your character with C-tier gear sets.

  • Boosted Gear
  • Alpha Model Gear
  • Easter Gear (unobtainable)

D Level

The Default Gear is usually included in this category since it could be better. However, you never know when another set of gears might join it!

  • Default Gear

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Final Words

You will utilize all of your abilities and weapons to battle the Titans. You can enhance your character’s skills and boost stats to defeat these Titans.

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