Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart

You’ll fight an ever-expanding army of enemies in Vampire Survivors, and as they die, they’ll drop Experience Gems at random.

Your level will rise to a new rank after you’ve gathered a lot of XP gems, and you’ll be able to upgrade or add new Weapons and Items to your loadout.

You must level up some weapons to 8 and combine them with one appropriate item to obtain evolved weapons. After fulfilling these two requirements, you must slay a boss-level monster after living for at least ten minutes.

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Evolution Chart For Vampire Survivors

When a high-tier adversary dies, they will drop a Chest. Using the Chest correctly will grant you access to a weapon that is much stronger and will make your ghoulish enemies afraid.

See the chart below to determine which combinations of Weapons and Items are required to upgrade your weapons into Evolved Weapons.

It’s crucial to have the appropriate equipment and weapons in Vampire Survivors to defeat the waves of monsters. Two types of items in Vampire Survivors need to be distinguished from one another: weaponry and passive items. Your inventory comprises two lines of six slots, as you can see if you look at it at the top left of the screen.

Your weapons are your top line; your liabilities are your bottom line. This implies that you are limited to carrying six passives and six weapons simultaneously.

As a result, you’ll need to select the things that catch your attention, particularly because most weapons can only evolve if you possess the matching passive.

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How To Evolve Weapons

The game will ask you to select an item every time you level up randomly. The level of an item increases when it is taken several times.

A weapon is ready to evolve when it reaches its maximum level, and you have the matching passive, even if it is just level 1.

A weapon must be at its highest level and have the matching passive to evolve, but that is not all. You will require a treasure chest, which bosses and exceptional adversaries typically leave behind. Remember that using an enemy’s Chest left behind after the first ten minutes of gameplay cannot enhance a weapon.

Using Vampire Survivors Science Rocks is a complex task. Several minerals are released when it is activated, and they land close to your character. You have to tread on them for them to explode because they don’t inflict any damage by themselves.

The explosion doesn’t hurt your character, but you must play it to be dangerous to hit the nearby monsters. Nonetheless, the disadvantage is that you can damage multiple targets simultaneously. We suggest utilizing the Spinach, the Duplicator, and the Candelabrador to maximize the effectiveness of this weapon.

Vampire survivors evolution chart

  • Level 1: Deploys radioactive minerals onto the earth, which detonate upon contact.
  • Level 2: +2 Projectile; +30% Range
  • Level 3. One extra Projectile
  • Level 4: +30% Range, +1 Projectile
  • Level 5:+1 Projectile
  • Level 6: +30% Range, ++1 Projectile
  • Level 7. One extra Projectile
  • Level 8: +5 Damage and +1 Projectile

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