Where Is Diamond In Blox Fruits?

Roblox hosts a plethora of captivating games, among them, Blox Fruits stands out, boasting an expansive array of locations awaiting exploration. Amidst these locales, formidable bosses await, one of such is Diamond. Diamond is a level 750 boss entwined in the fabric of Blox Fruits, wields the Longsword, launching an onslaught of melee assaults.

Despite this, within the pantheon of challenges present in the game, Diamond stands as a relatively manageable foe. To engage in combat with this boss, understanding his whereabouts becomes paramount. While this character remains a puzzle for numerous players, we’ve crafted this guide to unveil the whereabouts of Diamond in Blox Fruits.

Without further ado, let us uncover the location of the Diamond Boss within Blox Fruits.

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Where To Find Diamond Boss In Blox Fruits?

The quest to locate Diamond in Blox Fruits takes you to the vast expanse of the Second Sea. Within this realm lie diverse and captivating locations awaiting exploration. To locate Diamond Boss, venture into the depths of Flower Hill within the Second Sea.

Notably, Diamond operates on a spawn cycle distinct from most bosses, reappearing every 30 minutes, a departure from the standard 20-minute spawn duration (excepting Don Swan and Tide Keeper).

Engaging this formidable opponent inflicts damage ranging between 100 to 800 health per strike, with Diamond boasting a substantial 43,750 health pool, defeating him will be challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, employing a strategy focused on evading his attacks and striking from a distance is advisable to secure victory.

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How To Defeat Diamond In Blox Fruits

Conquering the formidable Diamond Boss in Blox Fruits demands a strategic understanding of melee combat style. With a staggering total HP pool of 43,750, armed with a menacing Longsword, and bolstered by ranged attacks inflicting 700-800 damage, this adversary requires a calculated approach for victory.

Optimal success lies in maintaining a safe distance and utilizing ranged attacks to wear down its defenses effectively. For those seeking an advantageous edge, employing fruits like Venom or Magma proves instrumental in swiftly dispatching this boss.

Acquiring the Venom fruit comes at a cost of $3 million or 2,450 Robux, while the Magma Fruit is obtainable for $850k or 1,300 Robux. Emerging victorious against Diamond while undertaking an active quest rewards valiant players with a bountiful 12,500,000 XP and 25,000 Beli.

Additionally, upon vanquishing this formidable foe, there exists a tantalizing 10% chance of acquiring the coveted Longsword as a spoils of triumph. As we conclude this guide and you venture forth in pursuit of this diamond-clad adversary, let the strategies outlined in this guide serve as your compass.

Embrace the trials, adapt your tactics, and revel in the exhilaration of the battle.

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