Working Royalty Kingdom 2 Gift Codes 

Royalty Kingdom 2 codes are special alphanumeric combinations that game developers occasionally release as a way to reward players.

These codes can be redeemed in the game to receive various gifts or bonuses, such as 10k Wisterias, Fur Warmers Arms Additional, and Fur Warmers Legs Additional.

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List of Working Codes

  • SUPERSECRETBOOTS?HELLOTHERE—Redeem for Highlover Passion Boots (NEW)
  • HAPPY2024BHM<3LOVEYALL—Redeem for a special item
  • GALAOPENING—Redeem for 5K Wisterias
  • 16KLOVERS—Redeem for 16K Wisterias
  • 15KTHANKU—Redeem for 15K Wisterias
  • 31MILLION—Redeem for 31k Wisterias
  • NAHIAISBACK—Redeem for a special item
  • EASTWINZONEDOPENING—Redeem for 5k Wisterias
  • LUNARNEWYEARS2024—Redeem for 10k Wisterias
  • THELASTPOINSETTIAS—Redeem for 20k Poinsettias
  • LOVECHOCOTONE—Redeem for Fur Warmers Legs Additional
  • FUZZYWARMERS—Redeem for Fur Warmers Arms Additional
  • AUTUMNSTART—Redeem for 10k Wisterias

Where to Find Codes

To find Royalty Kingdom 2 codes, the first platform is often the official Royalty Kingdom 2 Roblox Group. Being part of this group opens up opportunities to receive codes directly from the game developers.

Just watch out for the group’s announcements. Another good platform to get codes is the Royalty Kingdom 2 Discord Server.

Joining the server can give you direct access to community discussions, announcements, and, most importantly, occasional code giveaways.

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Game developers often share codes in the Discord chat, so it’s a good place to stay in the circle. Additionally, following the game’s official social media accounts, such as Twitter or Instagram, can be a smart move.

Developers might release codes as part of promotions or events which can provide you with more chances to obtain some in-game goodies.

Lastly, pay attention during special occasions like game updates, holidays, or milestones. Developers may celebrate these moments by releasing codes as a token of appreciation to the player community.

How To Redeem the Codes

Step 1: Open Roblox And Launch Royalty Kingdom 2

Open Roblox and launch Royalty Kingdom 2. Once the game is loaded, make sure you’re in the main game environment.

Step 2: Locate The Shop Button On The Right Of The Screen

Look to the right side of your screen, and you’ll find the Shop button. It’s usually represented by an icon that resembles a shopping bag. Click on it to open the in-game shop.

Step 3: Access The Codes Section In the Shop Popup

In the pop-up box that appears after clicking the Shop button, locate the blue Codes button at the top right. Click on this button to access the section where you can enter codes.

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Step 4: Enter The Code In The RK2 Popup Pink Box

Within the dedicated Royalty Kingdom 2 (RK2) popup, find the pink box labeled “Type here.” Input the code exactly as provided in the list above.

Step 5: Confirm And Redeem Your Reward

After entering the code, double-check for accuracy. If you’re sure it’s correct, press the green Redeem button. This action validates the code, and if it’s valid, you’ll instantly receive your in-game reward. If the code is expired or incorrect, review and retry.

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