Rumble Heroes Tier List

You’re ready to brawl, strategize, and rise to the top of the leaderboard. But you are stuck with picking the perfect characters that can easily get the job done. Say no to worries, as this tier list will be your guiding light.

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1. S-Tier

  • Forest Vanessa: A master of manipulation, Vanessa can control the battlefield with her vines, making her a nightmare for close-quarters fighters.
  • White Evelyn: Evelyn’s healing prowess is unmatched, keeping your entire team fighting fit while dishing out decent damage.
  • Jade Kasmi: This ranged powerhouse melts enemies with her rapid-fire attacks. Just be mindful of her fragility.
  • Godhand Sita: A true immovable object, Sita excels in soaking up damage and dishing it right back with devastating counterattacks.
  • Graves Toshi: Toshi’s tactical strikes and area-of-effect damage make him a crowd-control king, perfect for wiping out enemy teams.

2. A-Tier

  • Double Gun Mary: Mary brings the firepower with her dual pistols, making her a DPS machine.
  • Master Lu: Don’t underestimate the power of Lu’s fists! His high damage output and mobility make him a brawler’s dream.
  • Bomber Kidd: Looking for explosive results? Kidd’s area-of-effect bombs can devastate enemy formations.
  • Shotgun Gupi: Get up close and personal with Gupi’s devastating shotgun blasts. Just be sure to close the distance!
  • Exorcist Walker: This holy terror specializes in taking down buffed-up enemies, making him a valuable asset in specific situations.

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3. B-Tier

  • Skull Pop: A grenade-wielding gremlin, Skull Pop excels at disrupting enemy formations and dealing splash damage.
  • Backpack Chico: This support hero provides valuable buffs to his allies, making him a team player’s dream.
  • Magic Shot Sally: Sally’s long-range attacks and debuffs can keep enemies at bay, but require good positioning.

4. C-Tier

  • Nudie Jack: Jack’s a gamble – his self-destruction attack can be powerful, but leaves him vulnerable.
  • Ice Bobo: While Bobo’s freeze ray can be handy, his overall damage and survivability are low.
  • Strong Laura: Laura’s strength is decent, but she lacks the mobility and utility to keep up with the competition.

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Final Thoughts

It’s time to check out the tier list and see what works for you. Feel free to experiment with different heroes, discover synergies between their quirks, and find a playstyle that clicks with you. Don’t be afraid to try out “underdog” heroes – their unique abilities might surprise you.

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