Heaven Stand Discord Server And Trello Links

Heaven Stand is a multiplayer game where you control powerful abilities called Stands. It’s a battle arena where you fight others and the fighting style is similar to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You can unlock new skills and battle other players.

There are also quests to do and characters to meet from different anime shows. In short, to familiarize yourself with the game feature, you need to join the Heaven Stand Trello and Discord Servers. ​These are great resources where you can learn more about the game and connect with like-minded.

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Heaven Stand Discord Server

This is the official Heaven Stand Discord server linkDISCORD LINK

Heaven Stand Discord server is a community hub on Discord where players gather to chat about game-related topics like ideas, suggestions, updates, announcements, and rules.

One of the great perks of being part of this Discord server is the opportunity to find Heaven Stand gift codes. These codes can be redeemed in the game to unlock free in-game rewards, giving players an extra edge and improving their gaming experience.

Maybe you’re looking to connect with fellow players, stay updated on the latest game news, or get some bonus rewards, Heaven Stand Discord has you covered.

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Heaven Stand Trello


Heaven Stand game developers are currently in the works to set up an official Trello account for the game. This Trello account, as described by the game’s creator, will serve as an exclusive hub for Heaven Stand players.

It’s designed to be a go-to resource, offering valuable insights, updates, and perhaps even sneak peeks into the game’s development process. The intention behind this move is to provide dedicated players with a centralized platform where they can stay connected and engaged with all things related to “Heaven Stand.”

However, players can expect to find detailed updates and announcements regarding the game’s progress and plans, leveraging Trello’s organizational features, such as boards, cards, and list.

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